Hillary Clinton: The Woman in the Moon

The woman in the moon (The New York Times Magazine)
The woman in the moon (NYT Magazine)

It’s in the stars: The constant news and magazine articles imply that we may soon be in a new (moon) era. “Who Will Be The First Female Woman in the Moon?” asked a Forbes‘ slideshow. “2016: The year of the moon woman?” posed CBS’ Jake Miller. And tensions are heating up between NASA’s Laurie Leshin, just named Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s first female president, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman whose face is in the same lunar surface as Ms. Leshin studies every night.

But will Ms. Clinton be our first female moon president? Sources at New York Times Magazine say yes.


This amazing graphic, put online this morning by NYT Washington bureau editor David Joachim, guarantees one thing: A bunch of Photoshop jobs that will make you wonder if we’re all not jumping the gun a little bit, sending a woman to do a man in the moon’s job. Hillary Clinton: The Woman in the Moon