NY1 Temporarily Takes Down Website Paywall


Good news for New Yorkers who like watching Pat Kiernan read the newspapers but don’t subscribe to Time Warner.

For the next two weeks, NY1.com is going to take away its paywall.

The news was announced via Twitter, as things these days are.

So for all those people whose buildings are magically wired for the semi-mythical Fios or have cut their cords like all those Girls-watching millenials and instead rely on BuzzFeed links on Facebook and their parents’ HBOGo passwords, they are in luck.

We are still waiting from word from NY1 about the reasons behind the two week vacation from the paywall but suspect it has something with the network’s resdesign that unveiled in November.

Or maybe it is a public service so we can all watch continuing coverage of the snow. NY1 Temporarily Takes Down Website Paywall