Morning Links: Endowment Edition

(Courtesy Wikipedia)
(Courtesy Wikipedia)

L.A. MoCA’s once-precarious endowment has reached a secure $100 million. Maria Bell, the board’s co-chair, says the embattled museum is aiming to name a new director this spring. [WSJ]

Accused art thief Joselito Vega claims withheld DA reality show footage will clear his name. [NYP]

More on the legal battle between a woman who found a Renoir for sale at a flea market for $7 and the Baltimore Museum of Art, which says it owns the work and that it was stolen in 1951. [Los Angeles Times]

Jerry Saltz will be on Girls this season. [@JerrySaltz/Twitter]

“There was a time within living memory when a survey of Klee’s painting like the one at Tate Modern – 17 rooms, 130 works – would have been the event of the season (it’s on until 9 March).” [The London Review of Books]

Sterling Ruby at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens [CAD]

Battle over Rauschenberg estate continues. [AP]

Here we go: “Be honest. If thinking ‘I could have done that’ while walking around a contemporary art exhibition is the mark of a philistine, aren’t you a philistine, too? I know I am.” [The Independent]

American archaeologists uncover the tomb of a 13th Dynasty pharaoh. [The Art Newspaper] Morning Links: Endowment Edition