Morning Links: Governor Jerry Brown Edition

Brown. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Brown. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images) Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Critic Armond White denies that he heckled Steve McQueen. [WSJ]

Whitechapel’s Hannah Höch show sounds great. [The Guardian]

There are differing accounts of the quality of conditions for workers on Saadiyat Island, where the Louvre and the Guggenheim will have branches. [The Art Newspaper]

The Atlantic is into Jonas Mekas’ website. [The Atlantic]

Arts funding in jeopardy in Jerry Brown’s California budget proposal. [Los Angeles Times]

Here’s another piece about David Hockney’s iPad. [NYT]

Here’s the New York Times obituary for Amiri Baraka. [NYT]

Most of the art collection of Keith L. and Katherine Sachs will go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mr. Sachs is the “former head of a firm that supplied packaging to wine and spirits businesses.” [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Roberta Smith on the Met’s unfinished paintings. [NYT]

Morning Links: Governor Jerry Brown Edition