Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)
(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

The Daily News goes big on a front-page story with comments about gun control and Newtown made by Post columnist Fred Dicker on his radio show. (The Daily News)

Bill and Emma Keller face the wrath of the Internet after they wrote columns about chronicling cancer treatments on social media. (The New Yorker/New York)

Times public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote a column about it and interviewed Mr. Keller. (The New York Times)

New Jersey is really close to New York. This used to be good for Chris Christie, because it meant that he had easy access to New York media. But after Bridgegate, it’s bad because it means that New York media has easy access to the governor. (Politico)

The Hatchet Awards call out the year’s harshest book reviews. (The Guardian)

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