Morning Media Mix

Illustration by Lauren Payne.
Illustration by Lauren Payne.

Ezra Klein is leaving The Washington Post to start his own news venture. (Politico)

The Times’s most popular article in 2013—its dialect quiz—was created by an intern, Josh Katz, who will soon begin as a staff editor for the paper’s new data journalism project. (Huffington Post)

Next month, Capital New York is erecting a $5,990 annual paywall. Readers who pay will have access to the website’s morning newsletters and breaking news alerts, among other things. (Adweek)

Op-ed columnist Roger Cohen comes out against “Twitter-bashing bores.” (The New York Times)

The story behind the greatest headline ever printed: “Three Englishmen Saved from Boiling Pot By Cannibal Chief, Who Was Friend at Oxford.” (The Daily Beast)

Butch Ward on how to maintain a newsroom’s creativity in hard times. (Poynter) Morning Media Mix