Morning Read: ‘Bloomberg to Thank for It’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “Sassy Anthony Weiner Insists He’s Not Dumb Enough to Buy a Hot Dog in Public.”

Runner-Up: “The donors in de Blasio’s cabinet.”

The controversy surrounding Congressman Michael Grimm took an odd turn in the past few days, with Israeli outlets reporting that top officials “leaned on multimillionaire celebrity Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto in an attempt to discourage the rabbi from cooperating in an FBI investigation of GOP Rep. Michael Grimm’s 2010 fundraising.”

On the other hand: “It turns out that those ‘bombshell’ Israeli media reports yesterday … were all exclusively (or almost exclusively) sourced from the same place – Pinto, his attorneys and a sole ‘witness’ … In other words, all that information is apparently allegations made by Pinto and swallowed nearly whole by the Israeli media.”

After a scathing report from the city’s Department of Investigations indicating deep flaws in the city Board of Elections–including the ease of fraudulent voting, widespread political activity among staff and actual cheating during the poll worker training process–the BOE’s executive director, Michael Ryan, defended his agency on Inside City Hall last night.

It turns out that Bill de Blasio, a sharp critic of charter schools whose education agenda involves halting their growth, may need charter schools to implement his universal prekindergarten agenda, according to the New York Times’ take on a new state report. “We’re going to look at that and see how that might fit with our plan,” the mayor vaguely offered yesterday, when asked.

In a front-page story, the New York Post reports that Mr. de Blasio “is moving closer to the 1 percent — and he’s got Michael Bloomberg to thank for it. Under Bloomberg’s watch, the value of de Blasio’s Brooklyn home has doubled in just seven years, according to new valuations by the city’s Finance Department.”

And here’s video, via, of Mr. de Blasio’s press conference yesterday:

Morning Read: ‘Bloomberg to Thank for It’