Morning Read: ‘In Manhattan They Expect to Be Able to Lick Off the Streets’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Lede of the Day: “Although he steadfastly denied any Chris Christie–ing of Manhattan’s wealthiest citizens during the snowstorm, Bill de Blasio wants Upper East Siders to know he heard their cries.”

Runner-Up: “Being late must be a de Blasio family trait.”

Bill de Blasio‘s “mayor culpa” yesterday did little to stop the negative press. “I like de Blasio but I still think, it’s like we’re getting screwed in Manhattan,” an Upper East Side bystander told NY1“Let’s wait till he moves in, let’s have a couple of storms. ‘Cause he’s not living here yet, so when he moves and he tries to get stuff out and he sees it’s a mess, maybe he’ll do something.”

“He can’t just take care of the people who voted for him,” added Erdem Durmaz, speaking with the New York Post. “De Blasio is new and needs to learn from this, or he’ll spend the next couple years writing apology letters.” (“De Blasio was on the Upper East Side? How come the alarms didn’t go off?” a former high-level staffer from the Giuliani administration asked Politicker.)

De Blasio spokesman Phil Walzak went on to Inside City Hall to defend the mayor’s back-track from defending snow response in the neighborhood. “The DSNY got a better sense of the response and there was a realization more could have been done,” he said. “A call was made to see him more up there and get the job done completely. That’s the bottom line.”

As for the de Blasio family’s expected move to the Upper East Side’s Gracie Mansion, Mr. Walzak said their plans had been delayed by the snowstorms. “Well, they are making a move. I think that obviously that’s going to be determined sometime soon … I suspect that they’ll be making some announcements on that sometime soon,” he offered.

amNewYork reports–also using a “Mayor Culpa” headline–that Councilman Vinny Ignizio, the newly elected minority leader of the body, “wants the council to convene oversight hearings on the snow response.” The de Blasio administration and the sanitation department wouldn’t tell the paper what exactly had gone wrong or what will change on the East Side.

“We don’t have perfect streets, and some of our streets obviously have slush, but in Manhattan they expect to be able to lick off the streets, and I think that’s just not realistic, quite frankly,” Councilman David Greenfield added in the same story.

Meanwhile, in non-snow-related news, Capital New York reports “City Council employees worried about getting axed under new leadership have been asked to resubmit resumes by the new speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito.”

And here’s video, via, of Ms. Mark-Viverito’s full stated press conference yesterday:
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Morning Read: ‘In Manhattan They Expect to Be Able to Lick Off the Streets’