Morning Read: ‘Perpetually Confused’

Part of the cover of today's Metro.

Part of the cover of today’s Metro.

Headline of the Day: “Meet Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Chief Speechwriter: Andrew Cuomo.”

The still-heated race for City Council speaker is going down today at noon. The New York Times reports that Congressman Joe Crowley, “who seemed to be investing a good deal of his prestige” on Dan Garodnick‘s behalf, “was expected to attend the vote on Wednesday, which some suggested could become an uncommonly bitter and open fight on the Council floor.”

Capital New York reports that one of front-runner Melissa Mark-Viverito‘s supporters “said the opponents can have their say, but the real sign of how bad the fight has gotten will be if Garodnick supporters from the Bronx and Queens try obstructing the vote, whose outcome is no longer in question.”

And WNYC reports Ms. Mark-Viverito’s bloc of support “is expected to hold up, and may pick up more votes if supporters of Council member Gardonick get too squeamish about staying on a losing team. The roll will be called alphabetically on Wednesday. The magic number is 26. But Gardonick supporters say they have not been swayed.”

Comptroller John Liu, making his first appearance as a “guest wise guy” on Inside City Hall, offered his thoughts on Ms. Mark-Viverito’s path. “Frankly speaking, I think about three–almost four–weeks ago when she declared victory, I thought that she might be putting herself in a pretty precarious situation. But … I think she still is in a very strong position,” he said.

While the media hits against Ms. Mark-Viverito keep coming. The New York Post: “Mark-Viverito lobbied on behalf of Cuban spies.” The Daily News: “Melissa Mark-Viverito fails to release tax returns on eve of City Council speaker vote.” The Post, again: “Mark-Viverito got subsidized home although she was about to inherit fortune.”

The Post, as a whole, does not seem fond of Ms. Mark-Viverito. The paper further editorialized today that she “embodies many of the attributes we associate with the privileged ‘1 percent,'” citing “inherited wealth,” “union-busting,” “sweetheart deals,” and “not paying her fair share.” “Now, that’s rich,” the Post concluded.

The News aggressively fact-checked the “rapidly imploding down-market” Post‘s front-page story on ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer‘s hot-tub antics: “While it’s possible the perpetually confused Post got the day wrong, Spitzer and Smith had spent most of Saturday with longtime friends who were vacationing with two preteen sons. Lots of toes, but no sucking.”

But questions about the story didn’t stop Jon Stewart from cracking a joke about it at the end of his interview with actor Steve Coogan on The Daily Show last night.

And here is video, via, of Mayor Bill de Blasio discussing his relationship with the media and more at a press conference yesterday:

Morning Read: ‘Perpetually Confused’