Morning Read: ‘What Do You Think?’

Today's Daily News.

Today’s Daily News.

New Jersey Headline of the Day: “Chris Christie’s New Jersey Is Everything That’s Wrong With America.”

Runner-Up: “Consultants Assess Christie’s Handling of Bridgegate, de Blasio’s Pizza Eating.”

The FBI arrested Congressman Michael Grimm‘s “onetime girlfriend,” in the words of the Daily News, “the latest to result from an ongoing federal probe into Grimm’s 2010 campaign fund-raising. Ofer Biton … pleaded guilty on Aug. 18 to visa fraud as a result of the probe.” A DCCC rep quickly piled on: “Looks like Rep. Michael Grimm will be adding to his mounting legal debt. He already owes half a million.”

Meanwhile, the News is upping the ante on the tabloid rivalry today, dedicating its front page to the “convenient massacre” comment New York Post columnist Fred Dicker made on his radio show yesterday. The headline for the print story labels Mr. Dicker–who has defended his remarks as appropriate–a “jackass.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s team wouldn’t answer the Post‘s questions on some of the more lavish transition expenses, including “$601 for one night at The W Hotel in DC on Dec. 12 — the night before de Blasio met with President Obama and other mayors in the nation’s capital — and $1,142 for one night at The St. Regis.”

As Mr. de Blasio continues his record-slow place of announcing major appointments in his administration–he has no public events today, either–his government website continues to list “at least a dozen” former officials from Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s administration under their old titles.

And here’s the guilty verdict for ex-Assemblyman Eric Stevenson. (When asked by the Post how the decision affects his future in Albany, he asked back, “What do you think?”)
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Morning Read: ‘What Do You Think?’