Morning Read: ‘Worried That de Blasio Wouldn’t Wake Up’

Today's amNewYork.

Today’s amNewYork.

New Jersey Headline of the Day: “NJ Mayor Says Christie Aide Deserves An ‘Ass-Kicking.'”

Normal Headline of the Day: “Council Speaker Vote: A Healing Moment or Political Theater?”

Capital New York looked at the final hours of Melissa Mark-Viverito‘s victory in the speaker’s race yesterday. One tidbit: “Bronx Democrat Andy King told his colleagues that the powerhouse health care workers union that employs his wife, 1199SEIU, threatened her livelihood and possible future run for office if he did not back Mark-Viverito.”

Speaking on Inside City Hall, Ms. Mark-Viverito praised her defeated rival, Councilman Dan Garodnick. “Dan is an incredible colleague. I respect him greatly. We came in in the same year; we’ve served alongside each other. And he has a lot to give and contribute to the council,” she said, adding that he “demonstrated true leadership” by withdrawing his name.

Ms. Mark-Viverito may have won, but she’s still taking hits in the media. In the New York Post today, the son of a man killed in a 1975 bombing, by a Puerto Rican separatist group, called her election “disgraceful,” because she reportedly supported the parole bid of one of the convicted bombers 35 years later.

Also, Post columnist Andrea Peyser predicted Ms. Mark Viverito will “ruin” New York City. “She’s in. We’re toast,” wrote Ms. Peyser, highlighting Ms. Mark-Viverito’s wealth and various negative media reports. “In short, she’s bad news for hardworking, taxpaying and patriotic working stiffs who increasingly exist on life support in this city.”

WNYC, reporting on Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s speech yesterday, noted his “sharp right turn is all the more stark given the election by an overwhelming margin of progressive Bill de Blasio as New York mayor, on a campaign that explicitly pushed raising taxes to fight inequality.” (Mr. Cuomo’s spokesman countered and claimed he’s been ideologically consistent.)

New York magazine labeled Mr. de Blasio’s brand a “challenge” for Mr. Cuomo’s politics: “De Blasio, walking the hallways of the state senate and assembly before the speech, was greeted as a freshly minted hero (and greeted by considerable relief—some Albany operatives were worried that de Blasio wouldn’t wake up early enough for the morning prespeech schmoozing).”

And Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson‘s corruption trial is getting a little weird.

Back to New Jersey, The Daily Show had a lot of fun last night at the expense of the Garden State’s latest political scandal:

Morning Read: ‘Worried That de Blasio Wouldn’t Wake Up’