MTA Plans to Do Away With MetroCards By 2019

Say bye-bye!
Say bye-bye!

Just when we were getting used to the token-less subways, the MTA tells Gothamist that they hope to eventually transfer over to a system “based on a form of technology for payment.” Translates into = Paying with trips by tapping your credit or debit card at the turnstile. Kind of like using EasyPay, but without a separate card.

Here’s the MTA explaining the new system:

What we’re looking to do in 2019, or thereabouts, is to reduce the presence of the MTA in selling a particular card that you then carry around with you. What we’re envisioning is the large banks and credit card companies will be moving towards including the RFID chips right in their credit cards. That takes place on a large scale. Customers would just be able to tap their own credit cards at the turnstile, rather than having to go to a machine, insert the credit card into the machine, take out the credit card, and get a new card from the MTA. We’d take away that whole step and say you just tap your own card—debit card or credit card—and then you would be able to see on your bank statement how much you paid to the MTA and when.

Of course, there are all sorts of logistical kinks to work out, such as security risks, reticent bank companies, and the number of citizens who still believe that signing up for a credit/debit card is just another way for the government to monitor your brain thoughts.

On the other hand, it’ll be one less card in your wallet. So you know, win a little, lose a little. Just hopefully not your credit card. MTA Plans to Do Away With MetroCards By 2019