New Organ Destroying “R.I.P.” Bullet Has Completely Sold Out

This sounds fucking terrifying.

The new R.I.P. bullets. (Facebook)
The new R.I.P. bullets. (Facebook)

Nobody wanted to buy segways, but a deadly new copper bullet “designed to take out all your vital organs” has completely sold out. Cool, ‘Murica.

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Georgia’s G2 Research has developed a bullet called the “Radically Invasive Projectile,” or—ugh—R.I.P. for short, The Blaze reports. The R.I.P., which is being marketed as the “last round you’ll ever need,” “travels at 1265 feet per second and enters a target with devastating force,” an advertisement says. “The R.I.P. then seperates [sic] into 9 distinct wound channels inside the target.”

Boy, does that ever sound fun, and also highly applicable to our everyday lives.

Unsurprisingly, because America, G2 announced last weekend that the R.I.P.s were temporarily sold out.

Bullets that expand inside their targets—or hollow-point bullets—are nothing new; our own NYPD has been using hollow-point bullets for years. But the R.I.P. website claims its bullets “are the most advanced, intelligently designed bullet ever made.” So there you go.

“I’ve been in the ammunition business for many years and I wanted to create a round that would work well against a home intruder,” G2 Research president Cliff Brown told The Blaze, “there were so many stories out there about a woman trying to defend her home and having to shoot someone five or six times and they’d still come after her, we wanted to create an effective one-shot manstopper.”

It’s nice if G2 wants to help women defend themselves, but there’s something about the bullet’s marketing that’s a little too bent on glorifying its destructive power—like, they named it R.I.P. Plus, these promotional videos on the company’s website seem to be target less towards women worried about home intruders, and more towards gun enthusiasts who like watching stuff get blown up.

Anyway, while you anxiously await your delayed shipment, here’s a video of the R.I.P. destroying a frozen chicken.


New Organ Destroying “R.I.P.” Bullet Has Completely Sold Out