Passed in Senate Budget Committee: Cameras in police cars, alarm systems at schools

TRENTON – The Senate Budget Committee advanced a number of bills Monday dealing with issues such as cameras in cop cars and at-risk children being allowed to keep attending their schools if circumstances dictate they relocate out of the district.

A bill that would permit students who are at risk due to domestic violence or sexual abuse to retain enrollment in a school district even if they have to move elsewhere was approved unanimously.

S1438 would mandate that if a child moves out of a district due to a family crisis such as domestic violence then that child must have the option of remaining enrolled in the district until the end of the school year.

Under such circumstances, the district would be responsible for providing transportation for that child, and the state would be responsible for reimbursing the costs to the district.

The N.J. Principals and the N.J. School Boards associations both back the bill.


S2860: This bill requires new or used municipal police vehicles that are acquired on or after the bill’s effective date to be equipped with cameras. It passed 12-1.

Municipal police vehicles that are primarily used for traffic stops are required to be equipped with a mobile video recording system.

A4193 has passed in the Assembly.

Sen. Jennifer Beck voted no, expressing concerns over this being primarily a municipal issue.

Other Republicans who voted yes did express concern over issues such as costs as well.


S2256 would exempt from taxes property acquired as part of a flood-prone site acquisition effort. It passed unanimously.


S3098: This would require emergency lights and an alarm at schools in case of a situation such as an evacuation or life-threatening situation. The alarm would be connected with the police department.

The bill concerns public elementary and secondary schools, but there was talk of a bill next session to address non-public schools. Sens. Loretta Weinberg and Jennifer Beck raised the question of simply amending this bill now to deal with the matter.

But Sen. Paul Sarlo said the funding source for this bill is bonds issued through  the Economic Development Authority and they cannot be used for private schools.

Passed in Senate Budget Committee: Cameras in police cars, alarm systems at schools