Ralph Lauren Unveils Sochi Uniforms (Video)

On Today this morning, we had a sneak peak at designer Ralph Lauren’s#TeamUSA Sochi apparel. It’s like, why even go to Fashion Week when the fashion is so IN YOUR EYEBALLS, right here, right now?

Take a look, and don’t forget your pom-pom hat!

Apparently, there was a “controversy” about Ralph Lauren’s #TeamUSA’s uniforms being made in China for the London Games, though all the footage from the b-roll showing the “firestorm” of the 2012 makes us believe that Today and NBC were in fact the perpetrators of such a rumor. Obviously, Natalie Morales and Willie Geist are on it.

“We are as proud to sport the Polo logo as we are the American flag,” said a guy who obviously did not get the memo about what the word “controversy” means this morning. Ralph Lauren Unveils Sochi Uniforms (Video)