Rumor Roundup: Allison Williams Talks Tech and Uber Aggravates Sundance Crowds

Allison Williams wearing a Windows '95 screensaver at the Apple Store SoHo. (Photo: Getty images)
Allison Williams wearing a Windows ’95 screensaver at the Apple Store SoHo. (Photo: Getty images)

Her? Apropos of nothing, Allison Williams appeared at the SoHo Apple Store last night to talk about acting while brandishing her gleaming white teeth. The SoHo Apple Store, you see, is in the midst of a Meet the Actors series for no apparent reason. What does Apple have to do with acting? We dunno. But it does qualify Allison Williams as a tech related entity for the day. Here are some tech-related anecdotes she shared, via The first one counts as #tech because the scene she’s describing took place at a fictional startup party and involves noted tech person Kanye West.

“Singing ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West was the ultimate compliment. I got the script the night before the table read and I thought I was gonna be rapping. Luckily, I knew the whole song already. At the table read the next morning I rapped the entire song. Not one person had the decency to tell me ‘Allison you don’t have to rap you just have to sing.'”

She also #teched about Uber:

“My goal in the near future is to be the highest rated Uber passenger. I would love to get a great Uber rating so that the second I request something a car service shows up. It would be a delight.”

And Google:

“I have a strict ‘no Googling’ policy that I’ve adhered to for four years now, which is very hard to do in the dark of night when no one’s looking. I’ve asked actors for advice and they told me ‘Never Google yourself!’ Pictures that you wish were gone forever are always the first things to pop up.”

Ugh us too, so many haterz.

Gsmacktalk. Gmail was down for a hot minute this afternoon, rendering most of the Internet email-less and incredibly annoying. Nobody could tweet about anything else. It was bedlam. The climax was when Gmail competitor (lol, it wishes) Yahoo tweeted about the outage.

“Gmail is temporarily unavailable,” they tattled, brandishing a screenshot of Gmail with an error message for proof.

It was a bratty move, sure, but it was inspired, in a bitchy way. It also implied that Yahoo workers may be using Gmail, which is funny in its own way.

But as is the case with everything that happens on the Internet, somebody somewhere was ~offended~. Yahoo later deleted the tweet.

Laaaaaame. Nobody has a sense of humor around here anymore.

Mr. WordPress also parties. Matt Mullenweg, creator of Automattic and WordPress, threw himself a Super Sweet Sixteen Thirtieth birthday party sometime in January, Page Six reports. Mr. Mullenweg reportedly rented out all the beachfront villas at some fancy shmancy Mexican resort, and invited people to celebrate his birth for a whole freaking week.

But that’s not all! Once he recovered from what we’re sure was a horrific seven-day margarita-induced uber-hangover, Mr. Mullenweg announced that he’d be taking over for Toni Schneider as CEO of Automattic.

“Besides, it’s obvious that no one in their twenties should run a company,” he joked on his blog. “They think they know everything, a fact I can now say with complete confidence now that I’m 30 and two days old.”

Ugh, maybe he should go back on holiday.

Uber aggravating. This year, it’s not the painfully overwrought artsy movies that are ruining Sundance for everybody—it’s Uber.

According to Page Six, New Yorkers at Sundance are complaining about Uber’s exorbitant surge pricing, including Bungalow 8’s Amy Sacco, who took to Instagram to lament her $152 fare. Some other random unnamed people also apparently complained that they had to pay $175 and $200 fares.

In Uber’s defense, the real joke here is that ultra-rich NYC nightclub owners are complaining about having to pay a little bit of money for a cab ride. Like, come on—you just flew cross-country for a film festival.

Recode’s new digs. With NBCUniversal holding a minority stake in Kara Swisher’s fairly new tech site Recode, it was only a matter of time they got some perks out of it (other than money). This week, the staff that’s New York-based was fortunate to get a few empty desk at the network’s 30 Rock headquarters to call home. Make sure you check out the cafeteria.

For sale. An eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed a Google Glass for sale on the black-market in Iran. However, the Islamic country’s strict rules and the need to suck the fun out of anything remotely related to the Internet, who knows what you could even do with the $1,500 face computer.

Rumor Roundup: Allison Williams Talks Tech and Uber Aggravates Sundance Crowds