Rumor Roundup: Joe Jonas Is Uber’s New Driver and Zac Efron Makes a Facebook Employee Cry

Zac Efron is crushing a Facebook employee. (Photo: Facebook)

Zac Efron is crushing a Facebook employee. (Photo: Facebook)

Stars—they’re just like us! (This is provided that you consider Joe Jonas a “star.”) Mr. Jonas, a former member of the formerly-existing Jonas Brothers, was recently spotted driving an Uber car in L.A.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Jonas’s excited passenger tweeted, “Today [my friend] and I got in an Uber and Joe Jonas was our driver,” and “We went to Pinkberry and then took a selfie.” Sounds pretty fun. And honestly, we’re pretty impressed the rider was able to accurately distinguish Mr. Jonas from his basically-freaking-identical brothers.

It could have been a marketing ploy engineered by Uber, or maybe just an indication that things haven’t been going too well for Mr. Jonas post-band breakup. Both options are pretty sad.

Fine Vine-ing. Applebee’s is getting in on some ol’-fashioned interactive content marketing with their latest promo, Bee Famous. They’re encouraging users to download Vine and “record a video of your unbelievable reaction to our under 550 calories menu” with the hashtag #beefamous.

Betabeat is offering $10,000 to anyone who responds with a Vine of themselves getting diarrhea from Applebee’s tilapia, unphotoshopped. Oh, look here it is, right on the Bee Famous website:

vine applebee's poop


Crossover appeal. TechCrunch reporter Eliza Brooke has moved over to Fashionista. In an introductory post, she said she’d be covering “beauty and business” and other fashion industry news.

She covered startups, ecommerce and the intersection of fashion and tech, which she’ll continue to do at Fashionista. We are looking forward to reading about which fast fashion brand will be 3D printing crappy bracelets first.

Kutcher comes clean. If you compliment his role in Jobs, Ashton Kutcher will give you tons of money for your little startup. OK, maybe not, but we’re reaching the point where he will invest in anything provided you ask nicely. This week’s smooth talker was Washio, an annoying app that organizes the pickup and drop-off of your dirty laundry in “reusable bags.” It’s unclear how much he invested, but it’s not enough to rid his IMDB of  The Butterfly Effect.

Zac Efron saves face. Talking filet mignon Zac Efron skateboarded his way around Facebook HQ’s this week to talk about some dumb movie he’s going to be in. During Mr. Efron’s stop, he made a Facebook employee cry of excitement because she was near his abs she responded nicely to one of his notes on Facebook after leaving rehab.

Rumor Roundup: Joe Jonas Is Uber’s New Driver and Zac Efron Makes a Facebook Employee Cry