Sokolich to Baroni: Commuters say Port Authority police blaming me for this

TRENTON – Emails released Friday concerning the September Fort Lee lane closures include Mayor Mark Sokolich’s letter to former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni expressing his concern over being blamed for something he had nothing to do with.

Sokolich wrote to Baroni on Sept. 12 that not only did the Authority’s decision “wreak havoc’’ on Fort Lee, but “adding insult to injury, many members of the public have indicated to me that the Port Authority Police Officers are advising commuters in response to their complaints that this traffic debacle is the result of a decision that I, as the Mayor, recently made.”

Sokolich goes on to say that he has “incessantly” attempted to contact Authority representatives “to no avail.’’

Sokolich basically pleads with Baroni to have someone at the Authority get in touch with him or the Fort Lee police chief to resolve the traffic gridlock the Authority created without prior notice to Fort Lee.

On Thursday, after dismissing one of the members of his administration over the George Washington Bridge controversy, Gov. Chris Christie traveled to Fort Lee and apologized in person to Sokolich for what happened.

The Assembly Transportation Committee subpoenaed Authority documents in an attempt to find out if the lane closures were political payback because the mayor had not endorsed Christie’s re-election. Christie has maintained he had nothing to do with what happened at the bridge in September.


Sokolich to Baroni: Commuters say Port Authority police blaming me for this