Survey: Using Your Smartphone Before Bed Causes a ‘Hangover’ the Next Day

Your Phone Hates You: Part 82920

Betabeat's team phone. (Photo: Twitter)
Betabeat’s team phone. (Twitter)

At this point, we’re all but convinced that our smartphones are out to kill us. Another nail in our coffin comes from a study that claims using your Dots-equipped device before bed can make you feel “hungover” the next day.

According to researchers from Michigan State University, people who used their phones for business purposes after 9 P.M. saw their energy and productivity levels decrease the next day partly because the phone’s blue light messes with their melatonin levels.

Another reason for the hangover-like feeling the next morning is that the constantly pecking at your phone makes it hard to detach from work and fully relax after a long day of scrolling through TweetDeck work. The study of 300 workers from various managerial levels discovered that the phone screen is worse than using a laptop or watching television, too. 

Russell Johnson, a researcher from MSU, said phones are “perfectly designed to disrupt sleep.” He also bleakly added that the smartphone’s invention has essentially ruined our ability to leave work at work while simultaneously ruining our sleeping habits:

“It can be a double-edged sword. The nighttime use of smartphones appears to have both psychological and physiological effects on people’s ability to sleep and on sleep’s essential recovery functions.”

It really can’t be any worse than the bottle of wine we drink before bed each night.

Survey: Using Your Smartphone Before Bed Causes a ‘Hangover’ the Next Day