The Mile-High Marriott: The Western Hemisphere’s Tallest Hotel Opens in Midtown

69. Harry Gross

The Midtown Marriott, in all it’s rendering glory.

Just because Governor Cuomo announced he is not legalizing marijuana Colorado-style, doesn’t mean New Yorkers can’t get really high.

High in the air, that is. As of its opening last week, the city’s Midtown Marriott is the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere at a vertigo-inducing 753 feet.

The hotel’s developer, Harry Gross, told the New York Daily News that the tallest hotel west of the Prime Meridian came about by accident, a happy coincidence that probably has never happened before and will never happen again.

“I just wanted to fit as much building on this site as we could,” Mr. Gross, who himself is of average height, said. “Only when we’d finished did we realize we were the tallest.”

With respect to Mr. Gross, it is hard not to notice the structure’s stature. The Marriott towers 65 stories above Broadway and offers views of the Big Apple never before seen without wings or a radioactive spider bite.

“We have Central Park and Times Square,” Mr. Gross said. “We have the best views of any hotel in the city. We designed the building to make sure every room would have the best views possible.”

The lofty hotel takes the number one tallest spot from Detroit’s Renaissance Center, which stands 727 feet. The Marriott also stands like a bullying older brother just a couple blocks away from the New York Four Seasons, the former tallest hotel in the city at 682 feet.

New Yorkers looking to temporarily elevate their lifestyle are looking at a steep $300 a night, with those prices soaring to $700 during peak times and $1,000 during events like New Year’s Eve.

We can’t say nobody’s ever gotten high for less, but that probably did not come with a complimentary breakfast.

The Mile-High Marriott: The Western Hemisphere’s Tallest Hotel Opens in Midtown