The Twitter Flash Mob Is the Best Way to Troll Strangers Online

Mess with randos from afar with this amazing new method of douchery.

This being a snow week, everything is slow as eff. The trains, the news, our brains. So why not pick up a new Twitter trolling hobby to make the time pass until life returns to normal and you can leave the house in non hideous shoes again?

We were alerted last night to weird tweet purveyor @Fred_Delicious’s devious plan to bombard the most mundane tweets with as many faves as possible. The rules:

Mr. _Delicious then linked to a series of tweets, and a huge chunk of his 55,000+ followers began furiously faving those people’s tweets.

For example, he tweeted a link to one young woman’s insightful tweet, “I don’t know what I would do without my leggings.”

Because he linked to the tweet instead of retweeting it, the victim had no idea where the avalanche of more than 1,000 faves was coming from. Her only recourse was to delete the tweet, which she did.

The weird Twitterman did it again a few more times:

One tweet he selected currently has 1,445 faves:

And this one has 1,622:

Victims started freaking out and deploying emojis to depict their frustration, as @Fred_Delicious maniacally laughed:

The action tapered off late last night, but you can try out the Twitter flash mob yourself, if you want. All you need is a handful of friends with opposable thumbs to confuse your fellow Twitter enthusiasts. Get to it.

(h/t @jefplate)

The Twitter Flash Mob Is the Best Way to Troll Strangers Online