Update: Today’s Longest Read: On-Set With James Franco’s The Sound and the Fury

James Franco. (Getty Images)

James Franco. (Getty Images)

Update: We’ve been informed that today’s Longest Read actually belongs to this 5,000-word essay on She’s All That. The Observer apologizes for the error.

“Franco, casting the risks aside, has chosen to play Benjy, the Compsons’ developmentally disabled son.” – Mike Spies clocking in at 4,213 words for Vocativ.com, writes about being on-set for James Franco’s cinematic retelling of The Sound and the Fury, which he is also directing.

Here are some highlights (besides Franco playing the mute, mentally retarded brother):

Because he was in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, get it?

By the end, he was in a good mood and bobbed his head to an inaudible beat, summoning a classic of another kind. “Everybody knows me,” he rapped. “I’m like a movie star.” It was a song by the Geto Boys, and the line he quoted seemed oddly apt.

Wait, what happened to his beard???

He was cleanly shaven, a change for him, and rubbed his chin as if searching for his beard. “One thing Faulkner does is put fucked up things into a novel, and then cover it up with prose. Other adaptations are quaint and tame, but I try to bring the wild out.”

Honestly, the best description of what this movie is going to be:

Allen stood near the swing, messing with a book of matches. In the script, his character lights one, closes his mouth around the flame and removes it, still aglow. But there was a problem: He didn’t know how to perform the trick. On a higher budget film, someone would have likely taught him beforehand. A few of his cast mates tried to help, but they didn’t know, either.

“I’ve heard you can use Vaseline,” Allen said. “Put Vaseline in your mouth.”

“No!” King said. “Vaseline is very flammable.”

A bearded crew member walked by. “Just Google it, dude,” he said.

We’re glad someone is on top of this story, and/or keeping track of whatever Mr. Franco’s extracurricular activities happen to be these days.

Update: Today’s Longest Read: On-Set With James Franco’s <em>The Sound and the Fury</em>