Tweeting Bridgegate

The following are some of the best Bridgegate tweets in the wake of today’s news…

I think I’d rank Chris Christie behind Janice but ahead of A.J. among
worst The Sopranos characters.

Chris Christie, Robert Gates, and Roger Ailes walk into a bar stop me if
you’ve heard this one before.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” – Abraham Lincoln, the
Gettysburg Address

@daveweigel: cc Chris Christie RT @the_ironsheik: Fuck the wednesday

@davidwchen: Who is the @GovChristie aide behind “Time for some traffic
problems in Fort Lee”? @PolitickerNJ takes a look

@jennaportnoy. @The_RGA on @GovChristie’s two-time campaign manager, Bill
Stepien: “Bill will absolutely continue advising and consulting for the

That noise is the bus backing up behind the NJ state house to find out
who’s going to be thrown under it.

Christie’s no-nonsense image is little more than smoke & mirrors served w/
a side of fries & a Big Gulp

I’m not saying people from Fort Lee should go to Livingston looking for
David Wildstein. I’m just saying it’d be a short drive.

Fort Lee, NJ mayor is the Fort Lee, NJ-iest looking mayor ever cc: CNN

I was confused first time I read @billbaroni ‘s “From Serbia” texts.  Of
course, his current email byline is now “From Siberia” …

@alex_abads 6h
I am reading all these Christie e-mails with a Frank Underwood accent.

I cannot tell a lie. I shut down the George Washington Bridge with my own
little hatchet man.

Christie did not have sexual relations with that bridge.

Tweeting Bridgegate