Why Have Friends When You Can Talk To Your Fridge?

This could be the sequel to Her.

Mr. VanderWaal presenting LG HomeChat (Getty)
Mr. VanderWaal presenting LG HomeChat (Getty)

People who actually managed to get to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas witnessed the unveiling of a great invention that’ll give you yet another valid reason to never leave your apartment.

This morning, the Guardian reported that LG has introduced HomeChat: a new line of “talking” home appliances that respond to human and smartphone commands.

According to LG’s head of appliance brand marketing in the US, David VanderWaal, you can literally tell your appliance what to do, and your fridge, laundry machine, or oven will obey. If you’re not home—or just cripplingly antisocial—you can even control them via text message.

“You no longer need to learn machine commands,” Mr. VanderWaal said. “Just speak naturally and your oven will understand you.”

You can ask the appliances questions, too, like “How much longer until my clothes are dry?” or “Is my food almost ready?” or “Fridge, what is the meaning of life?” (No promises that they’ll respond to the latter, but you can try.)

This all sounds cool, but tbh we’d only be interested if they can also sext. Why Have Friends When You Can Talk To Your Fridge?