BCRO issues declaration of support for Christie

As Gov. Chris Christie continues to get shredded over Bridgegate and New Jersey Republicans mostly stay low, the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) this week issued a proclamation in support of the downbeat GOP leader. 

The full proclamation , unanimous at Tuesday evening’s BCRO meeting, reads as follows…

“Whereas, Chris Christie has kept his promise to put New Jersey first, demonstrated remarkable character throughout his career as both Governor and U.S. Attorney, and led by example with commonsense and resolve as a father, husband, and public official;

“Whereas, Chris Christie is taking positive steps to bring fiscal discipline to New Jersey’s state budget by prioritizing state funding, empowering fiscal watchdogs, and implementing commonsense budget practices that stop wasting money and positively impact our families;

“Whereas, Chris Christie put New Jersey’s children first by reforming our public schools, improving student achievement, rewarding highly effective teachers, and demanding accountability in the classroom; 

“Whereas, Chris Christie stood up to the broken political system in Trenton both as U.S. Attorney where he successfully prosecuted more than 130 individuals for public corruption and as Governor where he fought for enhanced ethics reforms that increased transparency, brought real accountability, and strengthened the law to bring more integrity to state government;

“Whereas, Chris Christie led the state through one of the worst natural disasters in history, demonstrating courage in the face of danger, strength to fight for every family, business, and town effected by Hurricane Sandy, and created a model for future storm management in New Jersey and across America;

“Therefore, the Bergen County Republican Organization declares its steadfast and continued support for Chris Christie as Governor of the State of New Jersey and a leading voice for Republicans across the nation.”

BCRO issues declaration of support for Christie