Bill de Blasio Has Lost Al Roker

Al Roker. (Photo:  Frederick Brown/Getty)
Al Roker. (Photo: Frederick Brown/Getty)

NBC’s Al Roker is decidedly not on board the Bill de Blasio bandwagon after his controversial decision to keep schools open today.

In a flurry of Twitter posts this morning, the prominent morning weather anchor, who is currently posted in Sochi for the winter Olympics, took Mr. de Blasio to task and even predicted the new mayor’s long-term “forecast”: “1 term.”

“Why are schools all around NYC closed?” Mr. Roker asked, calling the snow policy “ridiculous.” “It’s going to take some kid or kids getting hurt before this goofball policy gets changed.”

Mr. Roker, who said he has a daughter in public school, joins a chorus of other critics who have said Mr. de Blasio’s decision was unsafe, including the city teachers’ union president and elected officials.

Update (12:12 p.m.): Asked about Mr. Roker’s criticism at a storm briefing today, Mr. de Blasio held his ground:

“I respect Al Roker a lot. I’ve watched him on TV for many, many years. It’s a different thing to run a city than to give the weather on TV. So I am comfortable with our decision-making.”

Update (12:22 p.m.): Mr. Roker responded to the mayor on Twitter:

View Mr. Roker’s other tweets on the subject below:

Bill de Blasio Has Lost Al Roker