Bill Withers: “Lovely Day”

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Bill Withers – Lovely day from Anton Blåbärspaj on Vimeo.

When was the last time New York saw a lovely day?

It definitely was not yesterday, when Snowpocalypse 2014 bore down on us for what felt like the 60th time in the last week. 

“Just one look at you and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day,” Bill Withers crooned to me through my headphones this morning as I shuffled out of a train at Penn Station. 

“Good joke, Bill,” I thought. 

But…what is this? Is that an actual blue sky? 

Can I actually feel my fingers? Why can I actually feel my fingers? 

It is February 14th — Valentine’s Day. And New York actually feels, well, lovely. Mr. Withers finished up just as the sun hit my eyes. “The world’s alright with me.” 

I can’t help but agree, Mr. Withers. The last few weeks people walking through New York have been more likely to fall on their asses than fall in love. But today we can see the sky, and if you kissed someone  today they might actually be thawed out enough to feel it. So let’s celebrate, because while there are foot-deep puddles all over the place,  the reflection in them isn’t a grey sky for once. 

Mr. Withers called it before I even got off the train. It’s gonna be a lovely day. 

Bill Withers: “Lovely Day”