Confusingly, Indie Darling Greta Gerwig Will Star on How I Met Your Father

NOW will you watch it??

Who's that girl?? (It's Greta!)

Who’s that girl?? (It’s Greta!)

There are people out there, smart people, people whose opinion I admire, who like How I Met Your Mother. Sure, no, let me rephrase: A TON of fucking people love How I Met Your Mother and Barney Stinson’s antics, Robin Sparkles being Canadian, slap bets, and the slew of famous actresses who have guest-starred as possible moms of  the children for whose benefit this endless story is apparently being told, etc., etc. I’m not talking about those people, because those people also Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, and whatever else Chuck Lorre Ambien-dreams up while chillaxing on an off-shore island somewhere in the Caymans. (Side-note: Most islands are offshore of somewhere else, if only another island, right? Just checking.)

There are, however, people who I think have exquisite taste, who tell me that HIMYM is a fine show, surely no worse than other eye-garbage, and though I don’t agree with them (after catching that show in the gym a couple times, I am never going again, thanks TV,) I have to think that there might be something to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’s idea for a spin-off. Sure, it will be called How I Met Your Father, which tells you what kind of out-of-the-box thinking we are dealing with here, but then they went ahead and announced Greta Gerwig as the star of the series. And I love Greta Gerwig!

According to The Wrap:

“Gerwig will play Sally, a female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life. She has just figured out that she has nothing in common with her husband of less than a year. A break-up is inevitable, but Sally will find a solid circle of support in her friends and family, who are often too willing to give “good” advice that can backfire badly. Meanwhile, Sally must filter out the input and decide what’s best for her.”

Since this sounds like Frances Ha or, wait, no, it sounds like Lola Versus…or I guess like most Greta Gerwig pictures actually (except for Arthur), I will give it a tentative thumbs-up. After all, this kind of indie darling-to-mainstream star isn’t totally unheard of. I actually like Zooey Deschanel more because of New Girl, and Chloë Sevigny kind of glides effortless between TV and indie girl starlet.

Confusingly, Indie Darling Greta Gerwig Will Star on <em>How I Met Your Father</em>