Cuomo on Avella’s IDC Move: ‘We’re Headed Into the Political Silly Season’

Tony Avella. (Photo: Facebook)
Tony Avella. (Photo: Facebook)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today dismissed questions about State Senator Tony Avella’s decision to join the Independent Democratic Conference, a breakaway faction of Democratic lawmakers who control the chamber with Senate Republicans, describing the move as part of the coming “political silly season.”

“You know, the politics and turmoil of Albany, right?” remarked the governor, speaking to reporters after announcing a new deal to film a Marvel comic series in the state. “I just heard about it today. I don’t know what it means, if anything.”

Mr. Cuomo went on to characterize the move as a marker that state lawmakers are entering election season, while endorsing the concept of a bipartisan legislature continuing. 

“I think we’re headed into the political silly season and you’re gonna see this battle continue in the election season. And then we’ll see where we wind up,” he said, declaring once again his desire to steer clear of political maneuvering until after the budget is passed.

“I’m going to stay away from the politics. I want to focus on getting the budget done. The budget is due April 1 and we’re getting into the thick of that season. I believe when you start playing politics then the government stops,” he added. “We’ve had good success in Albany working together: Democrats, Republicans, this whole coalition government is working and I want to keep it that way. And I want to stay away from the politics.”

Asked whether he thought the move would impact his legislative session, the governor was equally dismissive.

“I don’t think any,” he said. Cuomo on Avella’s IDC Move: ‘We’re Headed Into the Political Silly Season’