Fashion Week Satisfaction Scorecard: Desigual & Duckie Brown


As much as we love Fashion Week, anyone who has ever been to the shows will tell you that it’s not an easy stroll down the tents. Instead, you have to contend with late start times, harried ticket scanners, dying electronics (due to lack of outlets at Lincoln Center/Eyebeam), and a myriad of other FW-related crises. In that spirit, we’re covering this season’s Fashion Week with YOU in mind, sending our intrepid reporters out to cover the important aspects of the shows…well, the ones that have nothing to do with the clothes.

Name: Benji
Date: 6 Feb.

Show/Party name: Desigual

Listed start time: 3

Actual start time: 3.28

Notable personalities in attendance (please list):
Candice Swanepoel and Karolina Kurkova.

1. How would you rate your experience at the event?

1   2    3    4  5

Comments: It was a happy carefree start, with Glass Candy’s “Love’s in the Air” playing and models smiling.
The fashion is fast the but the designs are jazzy and the fit hip and tasteful. Muy español!
Pop art references; keyword UPBEAT!

2. Quality of service (Ushers, ticket scanners, etc.,):

1  2   3  4   5

Comments: We went backstage to talk to Miss Kurkova and we had a nice front row seat.

3. Attention to detail (Gift bags, runway set, clothes):

1  2  3  4.5  5

Comments: A colorful iPad Porte-document and iPhone cases.

4. Overall consumer satisfaction (based on the qualities you were able to observe from attendees):

1  2  3  4  5

Comments: Long live flowing curly locks and vibrancy in life. Not bad for a girl on a budget.

Fashion Week Satisfaction Scorecard: Desigual & Duckie Brown