Fashion Week Satisfaction ScoreCard: Saturday Roundup

Wang, Hervé Léger, Christian Siriano, Prabal Gurung and Jill Stuart!

Photo via Getty.

Photo via Getty.

Name: Anna Canlas

Date: Feb. 8, 2014

Show Name: Jill Stuart

Listed start time: 11:00 AM

Actual start time: 11:30 AM

Notable personalities in attendance: Anna Kendrick, Nigel Barker

1. How would you rate your experience at the event?
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Comments: In keeping with the backlash against blogger-bait, Jill Stuart’s collection was pretty, but wearable. I liked that the show was set to electronic mixes of IO echo and Warpaint. But it was just hard to find my place there. (Read on..)

2. Quality of service:
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Comments: Ushers’ commitment to keeping the riffraff away: 5.
I had been told about the show at the last minute, so I did not have a media pass on me. The IMG usher matter-of-factly stated that I had to line up all the way in the back. “It is too late to get media credential now.” Luckily, I found the PR for the show, who endorsed me to the bouncers. I got in, but the risers in front of the catwalk were already packed. “You got in too late, you gotta stand around the corner,” said a man in black. (I didn’t bother to protest that I came from another show.) Since the lights were still dimmed, I thought I’d go over to the runway instead to snap a photo of Anna Kendrick in the front row. “I need you off the runway unless you have one of these,” said a floor marshal, pointing to a badge with a blue border, on which was scrawled JS–Jill Stuart. See also: Just Scram (?)

3. Attention to detail: 

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Comments: A sheer blouse with macro-polka-dots over swiss dots went over well with the audience, but my favorites were the mid-length A-line skirts. Made of suede and leather, the ankle grazers had an exposed zipper in the middle to show a little leg. The same closure appeared on some lovely high necked crepe blouses, too, except they were (surprise) in the back, undone all the way up to between the shoulder blades.

4. Overall consumer satisfaction:
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Comments: Suede, fur, silk and leather lend themselves well to sweater weather, something much pined for by fashion week attendees who are dressing like it is spring.

5. Additional comments: Just to end my saga with security, best part was right before the models came out. This bald man in a suit speaks with urgency into his mic: “Close the doors out front guys, nobody else gets entry.” Static crackle. The Lincoln Center is a safe haven, guys. Over and out.

Fashion Week Satisfaction ScoreCard: Saturday Roundup