Fashion Week Satisfaction Scorecard: Tory Burch

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As much as we love Fashion Week, anyone who has ever been to the shows will tell you that it’s not an easy stroll down the tents. Instead, you have to contend with late start times, harried ticket scanners, dying electronics (due to lack of outlets at Lincoln Center/Eyebeam), and a myriad of other FW-related crises. In that spirit, we’re covering this season’s Fashion Week with YOU in mind, sending our intrepid reporters out to cover the important aspects of the shows…well, the ones that have nothing to do with the clothes.

Name: Molly

Date: Feb. 11

Show/Party name: Tory Burch

Listed start time: 9 a.m… the sheer earliness of it didn’t hit us until halfway through our 7:30 a.m. shower, so we had to really haul ass.

Actual start time: 9:30ish. Whew.

Notable personalities in attendance (please list):

Anna Kendrick, because she is everywhere this Fashion Week.

Anna Wintour, whose real bob contrasted with the models’ faux tucked bobs.

Waris Ahlouwalia, looking stoic as usual.

Karen Elson!!! Good thing we didn’t see her IRL, because we would have spontaneously combusted with hair envy.

Professional cool lady Ann Dexter Jones.

Q-Tip. Sure, why not.

1. How would you rate your experience at the event?

1   2    3    4  5

Comments: The venue, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, was light and airy on this rare sunny day. The only problem: direct sunlight is so unflattering. It really has a way of highlighting the PR girls’ nervy frowns.

2. Quality of service (Ushers, ticket scanners, etc.,):

1  2   3  4   5

Comments: It was a total breeze to get in.

3. Attention to detail (Gift bags, runway set, clothes):

1  2  3  4  5

Comments: There were no gift bags (which is fine, we’re not destitute here), and the runway setup left us unable to see a single pair of shoes from our perch in the third row. And when the models snaked back around for the finale, they didn’t come near our spot.

BUT, the clothes were amazing. They reminded us of Irish dancing costumes mixed with school girls mixed with Russian aristocrats. There were thigh highs and fur muffs and turtlenecks and collars. It was the first collection of the week wherein we’d probably wear every single piece, if we could get our grubby mitts on them. The pamphlet that accompanied each seat informs us Ms. Burch found inspiration from “the armor my parents collected.” Same.

4. Overall consumer satisfaction (based on the qualities you were able to observe from attendees):

1  2  3  4  5

Comments: Pretty sure everyone was just stoked to be getting some sunlight while sitting in a warm room.

5. Additional comments: We’d like to go on record saying that Karen Elson would be the perfect face of this line. Editorial gods, please make this happen.

Fashion Week Satisfaction Scorecard: Tory Burch