Food Service Workers back Baraka in Newark

The Laundry Distribution and Food Services Joint Board, Workers United, affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today endorsed Ras Baraka for Mayor of Newark.

“During his entire career as a Councilman, and as a community activist, Ras has been a champion for low wage workers in Newark by fighting for real living wages and health care benefits,” said Wilfredo Larancuent, Manager of the Laundry Distribution and Food Service Workers Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU. “There is no one more committed to protecting the rights of low wage workers than Ras and we are certain that as Mayor he will lead this city towards a new model of development that prioritizes the creation of good jobs for Newark residents.”

“Ras has always supported our members in the school cafeterias by demanding that theSuperintendent of schools Cami Anderson negotiates with us in good faith,” stated Gail Muhammad President of Local 3 and a Food Service Cafeteria worker at Newark Public Schools. “He has not only defended our children’s right to a good education but also the role that the lowest paid workers in the system play in keeping our communities together. He understands that when parents do not have job security, there is no security at home for their children to learn. That is why, we wholeheartedly commit to getting him elected our next Mayor.”

“I am honored to receive their support,” said Ras Baraka “These union members have been at the forefront of fighting for good wages and benefits for some of the lowest paid workers. As mayor, I will join them in their mission to create good-paying jobs in Newark. The Laundry Distribution and Food Service Workers Joint Board, Workers United, an affiliate ofSEIU, represents 7000 food service, laundry workers and distribution center workers in the tri-stateNJ-NY-CT area.” Food Service Workers back Baraka in Newark