For Those Who Find Love Weakening: House of Cards Valentines

In honor of season two of House of Cards premiering on February 14th, The Observer created a series of collector’s edition valentines for the Frank, Zoe, Claire, or Russo in your life. (Yes, great minds think alike.)

Because nothing says “I love you” “Do not cross me” like receiving one of these in the mail, no return address. Put them on a co-worker’s desk to remind them that even though you worked on that memo about the office refrigerator together, you would have no compunction about murdering them in their sleep if it better suited your interests. Bring one home to your spouse to tell them, “Hey, I know we’re both busy, but I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how beautiful you look when you’re having an affair with someone beneath us.”

It’s the simple things, guys.

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For Those Who Find Love Weakening: <em>House of Cards</em> Valentines