French Chefs Really Wish You'd Stop Instagramming Their Meals

"Va te faire foutre, nerds."

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Here is an aerial view of Betabeat’s Valentine’s Day dessert because eff the haters.

French chefs have found yet another reason to look down on their patrons.

They’re now asking customers to stop snapping Instagram photos of their food because “it is an insult to their art,” the Daily Mail reports. (NYC cuisiniers were on this a year ago, so 10 points to Gryffindor.)

The chefs believe photos of food filtered through Instagram not only infringe on their intellectual property, but also sometimes lead to *gasp* cold entrées. Also, some of them feel le food porn “doesn’t give the best impression of our work.” Not everyone is into the Rise filter, apparently.

“Before they took photos of their family, of their granny — now it’s photos of the dishes,” one perceptive chef, Alexandre Gauthier, is quoted as saying. “There is a time and a place for everything. Our aim is to create a special moment in time for our clients. And for that, you have to switch off your phone.”

Guess this means renowned Instagram food pornographer 2 Chainz won’t be visiting France any time soon?

Some chefs, like Gilles Goujon, want to ban camera phones at their restaurants but just can’t figure out how to enforce it yet, the Mail says. Others acknowledge that the food pics, however dubious their quality may be, are good publicity for the restaurants.

Either way, we’re still clinging with all our might to this 2013 study showing that Instagramming your food may aid weight loss. Throw in a few packs of Gauloises and we Americans could be as thin as the French in no time.

And hey, food porn might be annoying but we’ll take it over teens Instagramming their heroin habits any day.

French Chefs Really Wish You'd Stop Instagramming Their Meals