FX Releases Fargo TV Trailer, You Betcha! (Video)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj5LRr2Zzy4&w=600&h=340%5D

How do we feel about this, you guys? A little weird? I definitely feel a little weird about this. Like, I love Fargo, and FX has great programming, and the cast is all-star. (Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Kate Walsh, Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt and Colin Hanks are all very good actors!)

But making a show which takes place in the same world as a Coen Brother movie but isn’t in fact related to the Coen Brother movie just makes me feel…actually, I don’t know. That’s okay. It’s okay to sometimes not know how you feel about things. Like maybe not everything has to be a thought piece, and it’s not our job to pass judgement on every teaser trailer that gets release.

Like whoever thought we could have a good show based on Psycho until Bates Motel came along? Whoever thought Teen Wolf would be such a popular (and pretty dark) MTV show? The world is an odd place.

So here it is: a 30-second spot for Fargo: The TV Show. Just kidding, it’s just called Fargo. (This will be confusing when it’s time to Watch Instantly on Netflix.)

FX Releases <em>Fargo</em> TV Trailer, You Betcha! (Video)