Glamour Pushes New Zosia Mamet Column With Tinder Stunt

Sure, just disrupt everyone's midafternoon Tinder creep why don't ya.

Suspect. (Screengrab: Tinder)

Suspect. (Screengrab: Tinder)

Quirky actress Zosia Mamet appeared on yet another tech platform today. This time, though, the Girls star was hawking her Glamour magazine column instead of her folk band.

While swiping through the usual suspects for ongoing Tinder research, this reporter stumbled upon a photo of Zosia Mamet with “GLAMOUR Exclusive” superimposed. “GIRLS STAR ZOSIA MAMET ON WHAT MAKES YOU AWESOME,” the photo said.

How does she know?! we thought, and swiped right. We were greeted with this message:

We're still waiting to hear back. (Screengrab: Tinder)

We’re still waiting to hear back. (Screengrab: Tinder)

“Hey, this is Zosia Mamet…glad you swiped right! Im [sic] a Tinder lover and Glamour reader, so I wanted to give you girls exclusive access to some insight on why I think embracing your so‐called ‘flaws’ makes you so awesome! Check out my exclusive article here

We’ve reached out to Glamour for details on the apparent collaboration. Also, Ms. Mamet’s column has a lot to do with her long term boyfriend, but she says here she’s a Tinder lover. Is she the one person in the universe who is using the hookup app to “make friends”?

Keep in mind this could all be an elaborate prank from someone who, for some reason, really wants to pull one over on the mag by linking to Ms. Mamet’s column on Tinder with a message that has too many exclamation points and not enough apostrophes.

Straight‐A student Shoshanna would never let that slide. Glamour Pushes New Zosia Mamet Column With Tinder Stunt