‘Google Me,’ Former Miss Teen Delaware Snaps At Arresting Officer


Melissa "Google me" King. (Photo: TFM/Cops)

Melissa “Google me” King. (Photo: TFM/Cops)

Here’s a report straight out of the “Made for Betabeat” crime blotter: University of Arkansas student–and former Miss Teen Delaware–Melissa King was arrested Saturday night and allegedly told officers, “Google me,” when she couldn’t remember simple facts about herself.

The incident happened around midnight at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE for short, you GDI’s) at the Fayetteville campus. Ms. King, a former beauty queen who lost her crown because of a sex tape scandal, was charged with criminal trespassing. 

Although that’s not newsworthy, as Total Frat Move notes, what she told cops is something we hope we can say if our checkered past is also splashed on the Internet. In her own words:

“They asked for my social security number. I said, ‘I don’t know.’ They asked for my phone number. I again said, ‘I don’t know.’ They asked, ‘You don’t know your phone number?’ I said, ‘Nope, but you can Google Me.’”


The matter has since been resolved, but this verbal comeback will forever live on, where else, the Internet. 

(H/T Total Frat Move) ‘Google Me,’ Former Miss Teen Delaware Snaps At Arresting Officer