Here Are the Crazy Ways Girls Are Trying To Win a Date With an Olympic Skier on Twitter


In a real-life version of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, hordes of female fans have been valiantly competing for the past week to win a date with a U.S. Olympic bronze medalist.

U.S. skier Nick Goepper, who’s 19, launched the contest on Valentine’s Day, tweeting:

Screen grab (Twitter)

Screen grab (Twitter)

That was followed by the creation of a nifty hashtag, #iwanttodatenick:

Shortly afterward, #iwanttodatenick went viral. Since then, dozens of single ladies — and also one very sensual, towel-clad man — have been submitting entries to Mr. Goepper, hoping to win a date with (and the heart of) the skiing star once he returns to the U.S. of A. Here are some entries that get gold medals in our books:

There’s some really expert lip-synching going on here, as well as a healthy mix of cultural references. We just think maybe she should have cleaned her room first:

Lucy is really great at photoshopping…

… especially here:

This girl got her sorority at Oklahoma State University to sing Mr. Goepper a song:

The group dancing brings us back to our awkward seventh grade school dances, but props to this girl for the kewl rap:

This girl seems to want a threesome, if Mr. Goepper is into that:

Who can resist ballerinas?

If Mr. Goepper is into duck face, this girl wins hands down:

This girl literally almost broke her neck for a chance at the date:

Date this girl because she has no wisdom teeth:

Our pick for first place is Anna Ricci, who attempted to show off her sweet snowboarding moves for Mr. Goepper…

… then BROKE HER ARM doing tricks…

… and then took this cute picture, cast and all:

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Mr. Goepper even said, “One poor girl tweeted that she was in the middle of making a video for me skiing and broke her arm. I feel terrible! I’m definitely going to reach out to her.”

Here Are the Crazy Ways Girls Are Trying To Win a Date With an Olympic Skier on Twitter