Last Night’s Tonight: Fallon Debuts New Song, Dance (Video)


Last night was the premiere of Jimmy Fallon’s tenure on The Tonight Show. How well you think he did will probably be entirely dependent on how much you live-tweeted the production. (All of it? Did you live-tweet all of it?) Sites like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post did a fair job of chronicling every moment of the program, in case there was anyone on the Internet who felt super-strongly about the show but couldn’t get to a TV in time. We shouldn’t really have to recap very much for you.

But ICYMI! Besides a dance party on the roof of 30 Rock with U2 and the reemergence of Joan Rivers on the show (who apparently had some decades-old feud with Johnny Carson that we were all supposed to know about), the best part of the evening was undoubtably the Will Smith “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing” segment.

DOUBLE points for the unspoken commentary on twerking. Twerking is the worst thing to happen to hip-hop, we can all agree. With that Leg Thing No One Can Do coming in a close second. Last Night’s <em>Tonight</em>: Fallon Debuts New Song, Dance (Video)