Middlesex Freeholders, Constitutional Officers back Greenstein

Today the entire Middlesex County Freeholder Board and every constitutional officer in the county endorsed Senator Linda Greenstein’s campaign for Congress in the 12th District.

“The Middlesex County Freeholder Board is united in its support of Linda Greenstein’s campaign to be the next Congresswoman from the 12th Congressional District,” said Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios.”Senator Greenstein has been a powerful advocate for Middlesex’s working middle class families and a forceful ally for organized labor. Senator Greenstein has served Middlesex County well in Trenton and we need her common sense solutions in Washington.

“I have been privileged to work alongside Linda Greenstein for many years and I’m proud to offer her my support today,” said Sheriff Mildred S. Scott. “Senator Greenstein has demonstrated that she shares our progressive values. She has fought tirelessly on behalf of Central New Jerseyans for years and that is the record she will take with her to Washington.”

“Middlesex County is united behind Linda Greenstein,” said County Clerk Elaine Flynn. “Senator Greenstein has spent her career in public service delivering common sense solutions on behalf of her constituents. She has given a voice to the progressive values that we as Democrats share. We need a congresswoman who truly understands the issues facing the residents of Central Jersey. We need Linda Greenstein.”

“Senator Greenstein has shown that she is as effective in passing legislation to protect middle class families and seniors as she is delivering constituents services,” said Surrogate Kevin J. Hoagland. “During her time in Trenton, Senator Greenstein has crafted legislative solutions to protect our seniors from predatory scams, ensure access to paid family leave and has stood with organized labor. Linda Greenstein is a fighter who shares our progressive values and she will continue to serve us well delivering common sense solutions on behalf of Central Jersey’s working families in Washington.

“I’m proud to receive the unified support of every countywide elected official in Middlesex,” said Senator Greenstein.  “Each of them shares my commitment to delivering for our constituents, for our state and for our nation. I look forward to continuing to work with them closely as the 12th District’s next Congresswoman.”

The full list of Middlesex County Democratic Leaders:

Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios

Freeholder Deputy Director Carol Barrett

Freeholder Kenneth Armwood

Freeholder Charles Kenny

Freeholder H. James Polos

Freeholder Charles Tomaro

Freeholder Blanquita Valenti

Sheriff Mildred S. Scott

County Clerk Elaine M. Flynn

Surrogate Kevin J. Hoagland

Middlesex Freeholders, Constitutional Officers back Greenstein