Montauk’s 7-Eleven Makes As Much Money As All Its Tony Tourists


7-11 + Long Island = profit (Google Street View)

Who knew Green Mountain coffee could produce so much … green?

The 7-Eleven on Montauk, Long Island, is the highest-grossing in America, beating out 7,800 other stores. In fact, the nation’s four most lucrative 7-Elevens are all in Suffolk County, with locations in East Patchogue, Southampton and Farmingville following close behind.

The Montauk store, located at 653 Montauk Highway, grosses in the “low millions” annually, franchisee Chris Stephens told the New York Post.  It sells $100,000 in beer and $50,000 worth of coffee each month. Additionally, between 500 and 800 people get their brains frozen by Slurpees each day.

When rich SoHo hipsters flock to Long Island beaches during the summer, the store rakes it in through sales of beach umbrellas and suntan lotion. It also sold 250 boogie boards last summer to visitors in search of watery adventure. “Every week [in summer], it starts all over again,” Mr. Stephens told the Post.

Throughout the year, though, 7-Eleven has a strange appeal for locals. 23-year-old Lance Pauker told Newsday that the store is one of the best parts of the borough. “For young guys, you just load up on weird snacks and make fun of your friends for liking certain foods there,” he said. “You associate those experiences of growing up with 7-Eleven, weirdly.”

 Mr. Stephens said that the embrace of 7-Eleven by Long Islanders contributes to its status as an institution. “You really target what’s needed from the community and people who’re here,” he said.

That’s the definition of partnership—Long Islanders and hipsters working together to make summer fun and Slim Jims lucrative.

Montauk’s 7-Eleven Makes As Much Money As All Its Tony Tourists