Morning Read: ‘Come Back to Earth the Day After the Election’

Today's El Diario la Prensa.
Today’s El Diario la Prensa.

Correction of the Day: “An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Drewniak referred to the Port Authority’s executive director as a ‘piece of crap.’ While Drewniak did call him a ‘piece of excrement,’ it was David Wildstein who referred to the executive director as a ‘piece of crap.'”

At his State of the City address this afternoon, Bill de Blasio will reportedly announce his plan to fulfill one of his campaign promises: a municipal identification card for undocumented immigrants. The Associated Press further reports that the mayor “will call for sweeping liberal legislative action to close the gap between the nation’s largest city’s haves and have-nots.”

The AP also profiled Mr. de Blasio’s effective use of “everyman” imagery. “As things get harder, as his political capital starts to wane, will people say, ‘Hey, less toboggan, more City Hall?'” asked Christina Greer, a political science professor at Fordham University. “They will want to see results.”

New York looked at the ideological rift between Mr. de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “He acts as if income inequality is a higher purpose,” argued an anonymous Cuomo ally. “ ‘We’re not talking about filling potholes. We’re talking about social justice.’ Bill’s been a pragmatist his whole career. You don’t ­really think he’s changed, right?”

Former Gov. George Pataki slammed Mr. de Blasio’s nonprofit advocating for universal pre-K. In light of the mayor’s past campaign finance reform advocacy, Mr. Pataki called the pre-K push a “sad and cynical double standard in an effort to pass a tax that simply punishes one segment of New Yorkers while doing nothing to promote greater opportunity.”

The Buffalo News profiled Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who of course is continuing to dismiss talk of presidential ambitions. “It’s not an ambition,” she said. “It’s not something I aspire to, and I hope that Hillary does run because I want her to win and I’m going to help her win.” (Most of the piece focuses on Ms. Gillibrand’s legislative focus on better reporting of military sexual assaults.)

While New York profiled Hillary Clinton‘s spokesman Philippe Reines. “I think she’d be better off not hiring anyone over the age of 35,” he said of her hypothetical presidential bid. “And I think they should all be on a barge or on some kind of orbital platform that can only transmit to the Earth and not receive from it … You come back to Earth the day after the election.”

And State Senator Diane Savino has some thoughts on New York’s latest sexting scandal:

“in light of the fact that this is Valentine’s Week, when our minds turn to the pursuit of Amore, i see it is time for me to remind everyone of what i have warned in the past, if you are in public life, or hell, an anonymous existence, listen up. STOP TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR GENITALS!JUST STOP IT! first of all, men, no one wants to see your penis pop up in a text message, no one! and ladies, really, leave a little to the imagination. if you ask me, i would much rather you send me a picture of your estate in the hamptons, that might get my blood racing, and would keep you off the front pages.

it has nothing to do with political party, it is basic human nature. i am convinced that men are hardwired to think of how any new invention can be used for sex, lol. when the wheel was invented a bunch of cavemen probably gathered around and said, Hey, if we put three more together and a board on top we could roll off somewhere and have sex. the internet brought porn to thier fingertips, and long before cell phone cameras, and instagram, we have polaroids.”

Morning Read: ‘Come Back to Earth the Day After the Election’