Morning Read: ‘I’ve Covered This Topic’

Today's Daily News.

Today’s Daily News.

Joe Lhota Tweet of the Day: “WOW! Do you know how painful it is for me not to comment tonight?”

CBS New York reports that if a police officer had been following Bill de Blasio‘s cars and and issued tickets for traffic violations, “the lead driver would have had his license suspended: • Driving or rolling through a stop sign: 3 points; … a second time: 3 points; • Going 10 mph over the 30 mph speed limit: 3 points; • Going 15 mph over the 45 mph speed limit: 4 points.”

Safe streets advocates see a “teachable moment” in Mr. de Blasio’s controversy. “No driver is above traffic law,” said Transportation Alternatives’ Brian Zumhagen. “Obviously any form of dangerous driving is wrong, no matter the person behind the wheel or the passenger,” added Doug Gordon, a StreetsPAC board member.

City Hall clammed up about Mr. de Blasio’s second-latest controversy: the Bishop Findlayter arrest. “City Hall and the NYPD have refused since Monday to respond to 14 questions,” the New York Post reported today. “When a reporter asked if that included getting responses from City Hall to questions posed by the media, [Mr. de Blasio] answered, ‘I’ve covered this topic.'”

Two candidates hoping to succeed Assemblyman Micah Kellner reacted to the news that hes not seeking re-election. “We commend Mr. Kellner on not seeking reelection because it will help this district and the entire state focus on what is important,” said Ed Hartzog, whose campaign also released audio of Mr. Kellner’s announcement: 

A second candidate, Gus Christensen, added: “It has been clear for months that Micah Kellner is no longer capable of representing the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island in Albany. That’s why today’s decision to retire from the Assembly is the right one, and shows New Yorkers simply will not tolerate sexual harassment from public servants”

Former Atlantic Braves Pitcher John Rocker, infamous for saying offensive things about New York and people generally, thinks Mr. de Blasio will return the city to the “bad old days.” “Remember the … New York that was submerged by the crack epidemic of the 1980s? Ever reminisce about the city that smelled like a sewer and had the murder rate of an African civil war?” he asked.

And here’s video, via, of Mr. de Blasio’s press conference yesterday:
[vimeo 87214711 w=500 h=281]

Morning Read: ‘I’ve Covered This Topic’