Morning Read: ‘Memo to Bill de Blasio’

Bill de Blasio riding the subway Thursday evening, after his reported traffic violations. (Photo: Rob Bennett/NYC Mayor's Office)

Bill de Blasio riding the subway Thursday evening, after his reported traffic violations. (Photo: Rob Bennett/NYC Mayor’s Office)

Headline of the Day: “Photo: De Blasio Jumps Turnstile, Spray Paints Subway Train, Urinates ‘Everywhere.'”

If Bill de Blasio thought bolting out of Friday evening’s press conference would kill the “Speedgate” story, he was wrong. The New York Post today: “Mothers of kids killed in city traffic accidents have a message for Mayor de Blasio: Slow down. Days after de Blasio flouted his own traffic-safety plan by riding shotgun in a speeding SUV that ran two stop signs, the moms … urged him to practice what he preaches.”

While Public Advocate Tish James again said she “defers” to Mr. de Blasio’s judgment on one of his controversies. “I defer to the comments of the mayor, as well as the commissioner,” she said “while hurrying out of City Hall late Friday,” the Post reported Saturday. “Clearly the mayor of the city of New York made a statement.”

“Judging by the reaction of de Blasio’s fellow city officials, … the media freak-out was taking place in a parallel universe. They had no comment on the matter, other than to defer to the mayor. Nothing to see here,” Capital New York noted, contrasting the reaction to Mr. de Blasio’s controversies with Michael Bloomberg‘s. “Its a stark departure.

“People are smart enough to know the difference between what’s a serious issue and what’s sort of a tabloid festival,” Mr. de Blasio’s first deputy mayor, Tony Shorris, insisted to The Wall Street Journal. “We will be measured at the end of the day on whether we changed the lives of 8.5 million people,” he added. “And if the answer to that is we did, none of this will matter.”

“Memo to Bill de Blasio: You’re the mayor — not the king. Perhaps you should act that way,” the Post‘s editorial board offered over the weekend. “Alas, that hasn’t been the case for the past two months. Surrounded by political sycophants and seeing his 3-1 electoral win over Joe Lhota as a mandate … he seems to think he can do whatever he likes.

An editorial writer for The New York Times was similarly skeptical of “Mayor Do as I Say”: “If Mr. de Blasio were still the righteous Public Advocate, he would be calling this mayor out for endangering citizens and treating himself above the law. The rules haven’t changed now that Mr. de Blasio has a bigger job.”

The Daily News, meanwhile, disputed the substance of Mr. de Blasio’s Friday press conference: the claim that Long Island College Hospital has been “saved”: “Barring that miracle, de Blasio and his allies will have succeeded only in wasting, oh, $40 million or $50 million while leading community activists on a fool’s errand.”

And here’s video, via, of the mayor hurrying out of that media briefing:

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Morning Read: ‘Memo to Bill de Blasio’