Morning Read: ‘My Guiding Light’

Headline of the Day: “HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE SPEECHES!” Runner-Up: “Trump sees shadow, predicts three

Today's New York Post.
Today’s New York Post.


Runner-Up: “Trump sees shadow, predicts three more months of GOP gov flirtation.”

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña‘s remark yesterday that it was “a beautiful day” landed with a thud on the covers of both tabloids. “Let Them Eat Snow!” proclaims the New York Post. “Let them eat flakes!” echoes the Daily News, criticizing Ms. Fariña for keeping schools open “while she’s chauffeured around town.”

The New York Times wasn’t kind either, declaring Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s honeymoon over: “The honeymoon will always run out on a newly elected New York City mayor. But after just six weeks in office, Bill de Blasio has discovered that wintry weather and a hint of impropriety can hinder the careful plans of a young administration quicker than most,” wrote the paper, which also weighed in on Mr. de Blasio’s defense of his decision to call police to inquire about Bishop Orlando Findlayter.

“If de Blasio ever had a honeymoon as mayor, this was the moment it ended,” piled on Harry Seigel in a News editorial. “Indeed, his face at Thursday’s news conference made plain that this was not how he wanted to spend his day, let alone the next four years. He probably should get used to it,” he wrote in a story headlined, “De Blasio must get used to tough questions on snowy schooldays, pal’s arrest.”

Meanwhile, the mayor is cleaning house at the city’s Community Affairs Unit, “replacing nearly every existing staffer with his longtime loyalists,” Capital New York reported. Mr. de Blasio’s team reportedly notified workers they have to leave their jobs today to make way for new staffers including Harold Miller, a field director on the mayor’s campaign, and Elvin Garcia, who worked as a regional field director during the general election.

Upstate lawmakers are rallying to Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s side in the fight over how best to fund pre-K. “I am surprised to hear that Mayor de Blasio is implying that the children of New York City are more important than the children of my city or other cities in New York state,” Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy said in one of several statements sent to reporters yesterday. “The coordinated comments,” writes the Post, “indicate the governor is mounting a fierce counteroffensive to promote his pre-K plan and to sink de Blasio’s in the Legislature.”

The city’s Campaign Finance Board yesterday approved increased limits on spending in the 2017 city elections. “The spending cap in the mayor’s race now comes to just about $7 million, while the max-out on public funds, which must be 55% of the expenditure limit, increases to about $3.83 million,” writes the News, which also provides a series of handy charts.

And the News offers a Valentine’s Day roundup of Mr. de Blasio’s gushing over his wife, Chirlane McCray. “Every day is Valentine’s Day for Mayor de Blasio. In interviews and at each public event Chirlane McCray attends, the mayor throws his wife a verbal bouquet,” writes the paper, which highlights the best, including “my guiding light,” and  “my soulmate and my best friend, my partner in all I do.”

And here, via New York True, is video from Mr. de Blasio’s press conference yesterday answering questions about the Findlayter controversy:

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Morning Read: ‘My Guiding Light’