Morning Read: ‘Not to Diminish Cuomo at All’

Bill de Blaiso at Office of Emergency Management headquarters at the end of last week. (Photo: Rob Bennett/NYC Mayor's Office)
Bill de Blaiso at Office of Emergency Management headquarters at the end of last week. (Photo: Rob Bennett/NYC Mayor’s Office)

Headline of the Day: “The Plot to Kill Ed Koch: How the late New York mayor ran afoul of South American assassins.”

Runner-Up: “Ridiculous 2016 Speculation: Cuomo’s Twitter Edition.”

Last night, ex-TLC Commissioner David Yassky swore off taking another run for political office in the near future. “I’m figuring out what’s next,” he said on Inside City Hall. “One thing the TLC experience really did show me is how much impact you can have–and how much fun you can have–outside of politics, … so no politics.”

On the same program, Lis Smith, a former spokeswoman for Bill de Blasio, offered some critical analysis of the new mayor’s tenure. “Anyone who thought that the New York Post was going to give Bill de Blasio a honeymoon was seriously deranged,” she said. “I think he’s learning that competence should trump ideology and his ideological pursuits.”

Post columnist Bob McManus was even harsher, declaring Mr. de Blasio “spent his first six weeks in office stumbling about like a drunk in the dark.” In particular, Mr. McManus said Mr. de Blasio’s approach to the pre-K debate has left Gov. Andrew Cuomo “not-so-quietly seething — even if conciliatory words were exchanged in Albany over the weekend.”

“You didn’t really believe Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, the newest entrant to (read: competitor in) the big leagues of New York politics would be friends, did you?” Blake Zeff asked in Capital New York. “Not content with taking a two-by-four to de Blasio’s signature pre-K proposal, Cuomo is assailing the mayor’s very political core.”

“Can we stop pretending that the squabbling over universal pre-kindergarten is about what’s best for the kids?” added the Daily NewsBill Hammond. “Let’s stipulate that all of these elected officials are … decent human beings who care about children. All or most of them will wind up supporting whatever compromise pre-K plan results from this kabuki show.”

“The governor’s side of the coin is classic middle-of-the-road liberalism, weighted less by ideological verve than by the realities of power — Andrew Cuomo is the real Francis Underwood,” wrote The GuardiansMichael Wolff, who said on Twitter that the ruthless House of Cards comparison “is not to diminish Cuomo at all. AC is top of the game.”

And might the Working Families Party run their own candidate in the general election against Mr. Cuomo? Morning Read: ‘Not to Diminish Cuomo at All’