MTA Will Punish Employee For Flipping the Double Bird



Boom. That right there is what Metropolitan Transit Authority employee Stephen C. Herbert thinks of you and your morning commute.

Manhattan resident Jonathan Pillot captured a video of mild-mannered Mr. Herbert giving him the two-bird treatment, and it has blown up on the internet as these kinds of things are wont to do.

The MTA was pretty tight lipped on what exact actions are going to be taken, but they did confirm that Mr. Herbert is going to get his.

“This type of behavior is completely unacceptable,” MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz told The Observer for what sounded like the 150th time today. “We are taking appropriate action.”

The incident allegedly started after an elderly women in front of Mr. Pillot became frustrated and called Mr. Herbert an idiot. When it came time for Mr. Pillot’s turn, he scolded the enraged employee.

You shouldn’t have made him angry, Mr. Pillot. You wouldn’t like him when he is angry.

“The woman before me at the subway booth on West 4th (she was in her 80’s, probably),was treated soooooo disrespectfully by this man,” Mr. Pillot wrote on Facebook. “When I stepped up to put $10 on MetroCard, I told him that as a city employee he could not talk to customers that way. He started screaming at me, so I turned on my camera.”

That is six O’s in the word “so,” people. Six.

Mr. Herbert’s identity was initially reported by the New York Post, and the Village Voice confirms that name on the MTA payroll.

Here is a link to the original video, for those in the mood to have a man flip you off and call you a fool right around lunch time.

Highlights include right around 55 seconds in, when Mr. Herbert decides he is as over this situation as we are.

MTA Will Punish Employee For Flipping the Double Bird