Names in the LD5 Game

State Sen. Donald Norcross (D-5) has the support of the Democratic Party establishment in CD1, sources say.

Coming up: that South Jersey blitzkrieg of statewide names attached to quotes proclaiming the supreme qualifications of Norcross for the office of U.S. Congress.

Norcross’ successor in the LD5 Senate seat is less clear at the moment.

Names of possible candidates: Assemblyman Angel Fuentes (D-5), Assemblyman Whip Wilson (D-5), Camden Council President Frank Moran, attorney Bill Tambussi, funeral director Pat Healy, Sheriff Chuck Billingham, and Freeholder Ian Leonard.

Don’t rule out a return of Camden Mayor (and former state Senator) Dana Redd, according to one source.

There won’t be three legislators from the City of Camden, according to one well-heeled source, so if Fuentes and Wilson remain, the third choice will come from the LD5 suburbs.

Names in the LD5 Game