New App Lets You Bet On Your Friends' Relationships

Admit it, your inner gossipy high schooler is freaking out right now.

forever not app rate friends' relationships
OBVIOUSLY forever. (Photo:

It’s tough when one of your best friends starts dating a dud. Keep your mouth shut, and you feel like a bad friend. Say something about it, and they’re liable to run back to their poorly chosen lover’s arms quicker than ever.

Now, there’s a new way to get that criticism out of your system anonymously. Forever|NOT lets you bet on how long your friends’ relationships will last and give the the ill-fated paramours feedback, all anonymously.

Like every other app that’s launched in the past six months, its interface is similar to that of Tinder. Linked through Facebook, the app will show you a couple. Some are celebrities, some are your friends. You swipe left to give the couple a “forever” rating, and right for a “not.”

The lucky couple won’t know who swiped what, but they will be able to see the percentage of people who think their relationship will last. So if enough of your friends are participating, they’ll find out that the peanut gallery thinks they only have a 20-percent chance of survival.

Does this count as constructive criticism? Ehhh, not really. In fact, it’s only a shade less crass than Lulu. But it is fun, especially if you find yourself sitting home alone this Valentine’s Day.

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